Water Heater Service & Repair

Whether you need replacement, servicing, or repairs for you water heater system our licensed and insured professionals will get the job done quickly and properly for you. We specialize in both standard and on-demand water heaters, and can perform everything from standard maintenance to a full system replacement with high efficiency units to help save you money!

Standard Water Heater Services

If your standard water heater is leaking water or you are noticing a decrease in efficiency, you don’t have to go without hot water any longer! Exceptional service and fast results for your water heating system are only a phone call away with our team at Stewart Plumbing & Heating.

  • Residential & commercial hot water repairs
  • New construction water heater installation
  • New high-efficiency unit installation
  • Water heater leak repair service

Emergency Services Available 24/7

On-Demand Water Heater Services

With an on-demand water heater installed by the team at Stewart Plumbing & Heating, you’ll see significant improvement in your ability to get hot water when you need it and save on your utility bills. Imagine not having to wait for the hot water to heat so you can take a shower or wash the dishes!

  • Residential & commercial on-demand system installation
  • Residential & commercial on-demand system repairs
  • High efficiency units to save you money on utilities!
  • No large hot water reserve tanks needed!

PM Service At AM Rates

Let our trusted team provide you with superior service and repairs. You’ll save time and money with the licensed and insured professionals at Stewart Plumbing & Heating